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Columbia Machine’s primary focus is custom small quantity machine work. Our skilled staff can quickly adapt, and make parts efficiently on our array of: lathes, mills, presses, surface grinders and shapers. Our collection of extensive machine shop knowledge can provide a valuable resource when repairing vital components of your operation. We specialize in maintenance and repair. We have the ability to clean, disassemble, identify the problem, make a solution, and re-assemble to get you up in running when down-time is not an option.

Breakdowns happen, Columbia Machine is the solution. Are you in charge of maintenance operations for your facility? Is your maintenance shop lacking the needed equipment for extensive repairs? If you have answered yes to the above questions Columbia Machine is here to help. Working with maintenance personnel is no new science at Columbia Machine. We realize the pressures applied in times of breakdown or routine maintenance; this is a common area where our skill set shines brightest. Our ability to quickly analyze the problem, and build a solution is what makes our customers rest assured their operation will resume on schedule.

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It’s not always new! Though we love building new parts from either blueprints or samples, we realize new parts are expensive. Today, we live in a more disposable world. Many parts are not made to last. Instead of repairing them, they are often replaced with the same insufficient component(s). Professional repairs are becoming a ‘lost art,’ in a sense. With some critical thinking, revisions, and repairs, Columbia Machine could drastically lengthen the lifespan of your part. Repair is not always a go to method. There are cases where replacing your part is cheaper than repairing it. However, parts from the manufacturer commonly have long lead times. A longer lead time results in longer downtime, resulting in lost revenue. The lost revenue commonly is greater than the cost of an emergency repair. Columbia Machine prides itself on getting your operation back online with a long term repair… done right.

We really do, ‘Keep Junk Alive.’ Many of our customers seek our services as a last resort. Their part is not only worn out, it is discontinued, or astronomically expensive. Columbia Machine will work with you. If it is practical to fix your part, we will execute a quality repair. If it is not… we will tell you. We will make your needed parts using a cost effective method. We enjoy seeing the quality parts of Americas past come through our doors. It’s an even greater feeling giving the part a professional repair, with pride in all aspects.

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Though machining is our specialty, Columbia Machine additionally specializes in welding and fabrication. Columbia Machine is NOT your go to shop for intense fabrication (i.e. conveyors, catwalks, tanks, and funnels). If you do need intense fabrication, we will gladly recommend a reputable welding shop. Columbia Machine’s welding abilities commonly assist our machining operations. We have the ability to build up shafts, repair cracks, and even fill voids. Commonly, we use our machine shop equipment to finish our repairs. Machining the weld back to the original size is a common method (when applicable). We do have fabricating abilities: shearing, bending, torching, grinding, and welding are all commodities here at Columbia Machine.

Service really is the highest priority here at Columbia Machine. We want to ensure everyone is happy, from the maintenance team installing the part, to the operator running it, to the accounts payable department paying for it; we want each person of your team to benefit from ours. Quality is always first and foremost. We strive each and every day to provide a quality product and service. We really enjoying fixing things, and fixing them right. Uncompromising strength and quality are always in mind here at Columbia Machine.

We Specialize In

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Columbia Machine specializes in precision machine shop work. Our elaborate collection of trade experience provides customers with valuable opportunities. With extensive knowledge of different materials, and different machines; Columbia Machine can provide you premium quality machining services. With a combined career experience total exceeding a century in the machining field, Columbia Machine is the pinnacle of machine shops in Southeastern Ohio.


  • Manual Lathes
  • Manual Vertical and Horizontal Mills
  • Vertical CNC 2 Axis Milling
  • Band-saws
  • Surface Grinders
  • Radial Drills
  • Drill Presses
  • Hydraulic Presses
Columbia Machine Company Machinining Welding MIG Tig Keyway Stainless Aluminum Welding Services


Columbia Machine has supplied southeastern Ohio with reputable welding services for over 25 years. Specializing in MIG and TIG welding styles, we use industry leading equipment and techniques. Trade experience with different metals establishes both versatility and adaptability. From delicate cast aluminum repairs, to critical component finish welding; Columbia Machine has the equipment and knowledge to provide you professional level craftsmanship.

MIG Wire Welding ::: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum.
Build-up welding available on all materials

*Build-up welding available on all materials

TIG Welding ::: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, *cast aluminum, & *cast iron

*Depending upon the severity of the fix, and job the part does

Columbia Machine Company Custom Metal Fabrication Aluminum Structural Steel Stainless Carbon

Metal Fabrication

Columbia Machine is not strictly a ‘machine shop,’ or strictly a ‘fab shop.’ In fact, our employees have conditioned skillsets in both fields. Commonly, our fabrication abilities collide with our machining abilities. Shearing, rolling, bending and welding, with the addition of machining; provides our customers with a dynamic range of opportunity. We are able to produce a stronger product under one roof, saving our customers valuable time and money.

Steel Shear Operation ::: 6’ Max width, 0.030” up to 0.250” (¼”) thick material.

Box and Pan Brake ::: 4’ Max width, 1/8” Max thickness.

Powered Sheet Metal Roller ::: 6’ Max width, ¼” thick max thickness.



Services available for machine and parts maintenance. If you are in a bind we are here to help our our customers.

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